Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a unique holistic diagnostic system developed by chiropractors for use by many health care practitioners such as medical doctors, osteopaths, dentists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, and other health care practitioners.  It includes the evaluation of structural and joint biomechanics, nutritional deficiency or toxic chemical excess, and abnormal emotional patterns all of which limit normal function in health, recovery from illness, and optimizing performance. 

A pain-free optimal state of health is possible when proper function is realized throughout the body.  Without this, the stage is set for pain, symptoms, and illness or dysfunction.  

“It is important for the reader to understand what is meant by the term “function” when applied to a [human health] condition.  …For example, the allopath considers hypoadrenia as Addson’s disease.  In applied kinesiology, dysfunction of the adrenal glands is considered in relative states.  Absolute Addson’s disease may not be present, yet the adrenal glands may not be functioning normally to maintain an optimal level of health.  When functional hypoadrenia is not communicated to the allopath without adequate explanation, he readily recognizes that the patient does not have Addson’s disease and discredits the diagnosis, thus widening the gap between the two philosophies of healthcare. Functional inadequacy of the adrenal glands is better termed adrenal stress disorder.” (Applied Kinesiology Synopsis 2nd Ed. Wather, p.3)

Adrenal stress disorder is a common problem in our modern age.  Often lifestyle modification, diet changes, and nutritional supplementation by an applied kinesiology professional can result in lasting change for the ailing individual.  Failure to correct this common problem can lead to excessive or ineffective chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture treatments, or other procedures.  George Goodheart, the founder of AK in 1964, believed in “A pound of diagnosis and an ounce of ‘cure’.”  Just the right amount of therapy for the patient is the goal.

I have been practicing using this system for over 15 years.  It has been a powerful way of diagnosing and simply treating patients for a variety of health concerns.  I was stuck as a young runner with a knee injury at 17 years old and after exhausting what modern medicine could provide for me, I tried an AK practicing chiropractor in Chapel Hill, NC.  The results I gained from this experience changed the trajectory of my life.  I am excited to continue practicing within this system of care and bring my practice to Lawrence, Kansas in 2016.

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