-Joshua Stevens, D.C.

There is an energy in our bodies that keep us alive and thriving. “Chi” is the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) term for this body energy. It is what organizes and sustains health. It begins with our very first breath. Acupuncture meridians are the pathways through which this Chi travels. It directs our organ systems, metabolism, physical bodies, and emotional states. Our body enjoys balance in these energetic meridians. Excess or deficient Chi in a meridian can disrupt health and be the cause of symptoms and illness. Along these acupuncture meridians are points that are accessible to the patient and practitioner to treat using acupuncture needles, finger tapping, or cold laser therapy. With skillful evaluation and diagnosis, acupuncture meridian therapy can restore proper energetic balance in the meridian and encourage proper flow of energy throughout the all the body’s meridian systems.

Many things lead to a stagnant flow of Chi throughout the acupuncture meridian system of the human body. Postural stress, poor diet, emotional stress, and toxicity have a detrimental influence on the Bladder meridian which runs the length of the back literally from head to your pinky toes on both sides of the spine. All other meridians connect with this important meridian, so if its energy becomes compromised here, many problems can arise. Insomnia, anxiety, blood sugar imbalance, fatigue, depression, loss of libido can all be due to a problem with the bladder meridian function. Because of its close association with the spine, the bladder meridian can be heavily influenced by poor posture and spinal pain. Many Chiropractic acupuncturists like myself pay close attention to posture and it’s affect on the spine and this important meridian.

For thousands of years, the Chinese health care system included joint manipulation, acupuncture needling, and diet and herbal therapies to restore balance in the meridian system and successful relief of symptoms and body dysfunction. Today, chiropractic physicians like myself combine these ancient healing principles with modern modalities like chiropractic, applied kinesiology, and cold laser therapy to get better lasting results with patients. We successfully treat patients who have ‘been everywhere’ and are still searching for solutions to their health concerns.

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