What is Oncology massage?

Oncology massage is hands-on therapy that has been modified in order to safely work on people with cancer or a history of cancer.

Anyone who has received treatment for cancer — whether actively in treatment, in recovery, in survivorship, or at end-of-life — is strongly encouraged to receive massage therapy from a practitioner who has been trained specifically in Oncology massage.

Body Specific has several Oncology massage practitioners on staff, with over 60 years of massage experience between them. We are proud to partner with organizations in the Lawrence community that support people actively receiving treatment as well as those in survivorship.

How is Oncology massage different from regular massage?

Oncology massage practitioners are specially trained and understand the risks and benefits of massage, both short and long-term, for cancer patients and survivors. They know how to make the proper adjustments to the massage for each client including positioning, bolstering, style of massage, pressure, site considerations, and length of session with some modifications remaining essential even years after cancer treatment is complete.

Why isn’t a physician’s approval for massage enough?

More physicians are becoming aware of the benefits of massage for many of their patients, but may not be aware of how specific risks of certain bodywork can increase with cancer treatment or history. It behooves cancer patients and survivors to seek a specially trained practitioner, who will be sure to make the needed adjustments for client safety in the session.

What are the benefits of Oncology massage?
  • relaxation
  • reduced stress
  • improved sleep
  • reduced anxiety
  • reduction of pain
  • possibly less nausea for those undergoing chemothery
  • help clients prepare for or recover from surgery and its effects
  • increases range of motion
  • can help reduce post-treatment fatigue
  • may reduce symptoms of depression
  • helps improve body image
  • can improve appetite
  • help clients develop a sense of agency in their healing process
  • Oncology massage recognizes and affirms the whole person, not just the disease
Who offers Oncology Massage at Body Specific?

Lisa Lahm has received specialized training in Oncology Massage allowing her to work safely and with a greater understanding of needed modifications on individuals that are currently being treated for cancer, survivors, or cancer patients in the final stages of life.